May 11th New Knowledgebase Article - How To Create A Custom Module in Joomla!

This video shows you how to create a new module in Joomla!  Click through to view the video:

Feb 20th Update to Knowledgebase article - How to create an email account in cPanel

As I've changed over to the new, fresher cPanel theme, I've updated the video "How to create a new email account in cPanel" to reflect the new look.
You can check out the article here:

Feb 12th Joomla - How to install and configure JCE Administrator

In this video I'll show you how to install and configure JCE Administrator into your Joomla! website.

Feb 8th Joomla - "Not a valid image" error

Have you tried to upload a PDF document to link to on your Joomla! website and been frustrated by the message "not a valid image"?  It's because you are trying to upload your PDF using Media Manager rather than Link Manager.  It's an easy mistake to make.  In this short video (1:15min) I explain how to work around the "not a valid image" ... Read More »

Jan 1st Doing My Own Thing Again

After 8 years of working for myself, 2 years ago I decided to take a job in order to "cruise" for a while.  Well, there was no cruising!  What was I thinking?  The training industry in Australia is in a constant state of change.  That's the only constant - change.  As a result of more government changes, I find myself, 3 days short of 2 ... Read More »