Is there a word for the opposite of a Hipster? If there is, that's me! I'm probably an unlikely Online Marketing Consultant. I'm pushing 50, lazy and a bit of a dag (for our international followers, it means I don't necessarily have a neat, tidy or cultured appearance and tend to be informal).

Having said that, I don't think those are bad qualities: our age shows that I have experienced life, being lazy means I embrace automation and look for the most efficient solutions and being daggy means I put our energy into meaningful activities - what you see, is what you get!

Web Developer

We built our first Joomla! website in 2007 (OMG, that's 10 years ago!). It was for a franchise group within the Financial Services industry. At the time we choose Joomla! because that site needed a secure member's area with member's only content and a shop through which they could purchase stationery, signage, uniforms etc. Talk about crazy! Until then we'd only built 2 x 5 page static sites in Dreamweaver. Even though we knew I'd biten off more than er could chew, er needed the job so we decided to chew like crazy and make it work.

More than 320 sites later, we still use Joomla! exclusively. Every site we build is built on Bootstrap so it's responsive and HTML5 and CSS validated. Check out our web design page to see a few examples our work.

One thing that's important about us as a web design company is that we focus on the solution and not the technology. What does that mean? Well, rather than railroad you into a technology because that's the one we're most familiar with, I listen to your desired commercial outcomes and build solutions around those.

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Google Adwords Certified

In this industry it's hard to know who is the real deal and who is faking it. Even if you're not using me to run your Google Adwords campaign, Google Certification means that I've studied and been tested on our knowledge of not just Google Adwords, but search advertising, display advertising, video advertising, mobile advertising and shopping advertising in general. Things like an understanding of Quality Score also translate into an understanding of basic SEO and user experience.

I'm certified through to 20 February 2018 and currently manage a mix of commercial and Not For Profit accounts via Google Adwords Grants.

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Facebook Adverts

We are currently managing the Facebook advertising for a number of commercial and Not For Profit organisations via our Facebook Business interface.

Facebook Pages

Here we go... (I'm going to sound like an old person) back in the day before having to pay for Facebook advertising was the only way of appearing in your follower's feeds, I was engaged by Gold Coast Toruism to manage their niche markets social media. One project involved engaging the local community whilst the city was bidding to host the 2014 IGLTA Conference. Unfortunately, the Gold Coast missed out to Las Vegas. I did finish the project with 3200 likers of the page.

Speaking of Facebook Pages, mine has 1240 followers.

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Domain Name Registration and Web & Email Hosting

I try to practice what I preach and develop passive, recurring income streams. By providing Domain Name Registration and web hosting services to our customers, I'm fulfilling that need as well as improving our service. I lease dedicated severs from high profile hosting companies and optimise them for security and running dynamic CMS websites. This means that I control who shares IP addresses etc with our customers.

I screen our providers for their ethics and energy efficiency.

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Email Marketing and Marketing Funnel Development

In our experience, email marketing is the most efficetive and cost efficient methods for engaging or re-engaging existing customers and/or contacts. I have experience using Mailchimp, Acymail, Vision6, Aweber, Vertical Response and other proprietary email marketing applications.

Being a bit of a boffin, I'm familiar with the technical intricasies of email mass delivery including SPF and DKIM records.

Training and Mentoring

I love sharing our knowledge with others and at the time of writing this have received 174,199 views on our Youtube Channel with 379 subscribers. our most viewed video, 'Creating A Button in Joomla!' has received 21,501 views.

Whilst our channel is informative for others, for me it gives me a small source of income and experience of Google Adsense.

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